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You Deserve Medical-Grade Hearing Aids

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Professional Hearing Aids shipped direct

 by our Licensed Hearing Specialists.

Watch How RxHearing Saves You Money

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Doctor Recommended. Audiologist Approved.

Affordable Hearing Aids. Reconnect with Life®

Product Features

Customer Benefits


Thin lightweight design that is nearly invisible when worn


Front beam forming directional microphone

Clear thin invisible tube

Multi-function rocker switch for volume and memory changes

Comfort ear tip

Rear beam forming directional microphone

Internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 35 hours per charge

RIC - receiver-in-canal advanced technology for outstanding performance

Internal Bluetooth antenna for wireless connection to your smartphone APP for personalized adjustments

 ✓  Medical-Grade Hearing Aids
 ✓  Portable Charging Case with Accessories
 ✓  Preprogramed and Hassle Free
 ✓  Bluetooth Enabled to Make Adjustments
 ✓  Free 2-Day Express Shipping
 ✓  Free 30-Day Risk Free Trial
 ✓  Free 2-Year Warranty
 ✓  Free 2-Year Loss and Damage Policy
 ✓  Free Unlimited Follow-up Care with Our   Licensed Hearing Specialists

Four Reasons to Choose RxHearing

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Doctor recommended. Audiologist Approved medical grade hearing aids meeting ISO9000 standards.

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Online or Phone Ordering. Free shipping and low monthly payments make shopping simple and secure.


Arrives in 2 Days by FedEx Express! Your hearing aids are pre-programmed and ready to be used.

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Our US Team of Licensed Hearing Professionals are here and ready to assist you with every step.

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Schedule a Free Consultation
✓ Team of Specialists ready to support you!
 Discuss your hearing loss and related concerns
✓ Review the results of your online hearing test
 Call us Today
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Download our RxHearing Care

phone app for immediate customer support and other helpful guides.

Free Online Hearing Test


    Test Your Hearing Now

100% free and takes less than 8 minutes

 Instant results from the comfort of home

Designed by audiologists and sound engineers for maximum accuracy

Real RxHearing Customers

Lillian F.

I have tried 4 sets of hearing aids over the past 5 years! Thank God my doctor referred me to RXHearing! These are so small and the most comfortable of them all! And using the APP makes it so easy!

Frank B.

I don't wear hearing aids and typically do not write reviews. I am just thankful our physician referred my Mother to RxHearing Aids.  Our family is quite happy! Finally, she can hear again!

Steven O.

I typically sell hearing aids for thousands of dollars as that is my livelihood. However, everyone can't afford them. Recently I was introduced to RxHearing Aids and I became a referring Hearing Specialist. Now I can help all of my customers no matter what their income is!


James S.

I have been a Board Certified Hearing Specialist for over 30 years. I have seen how the industry has abused their customers with outrageous and non-consistent pricing. I am now proud to be a RxHearing Aid provider by offering my patients the option of a very cost effective and high quality product.


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