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How Do I Talk to a Loved One About their Hearing Loss

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

“I'm constantly having to repeat myself to my loved ones and acting like their personal hearing aid.” This phrase is frequently used by those whose elderly relatives have hearing impairment. How do we approach them about it now, get over their resistance, and provide them with the hearing aids they require? Start by stating the facts. Age-related denial of hearing loss is one factor in older people's resistance to wearing hearing aids.

The stigma that using hearing aids signals a person's disability and turns it into a vanity concern. Sometimes they don't comprehend or accept the effects of their hearing loss and think it's just a normal part of becoming older.

Seniors living with hearing loss. Important to speak with loved ones about hearing loss. Wear Hearing Aids.
Happy couple after deciding to wear hearing aids

Perhaps the most common and disheartening reason most adults don’t wear hearing aids today is the cost itself. Hearing aids are expensive, with a price range of $2,800 to $7,000. They’re not covered by most health insurance policies or Medicare.

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